Spotlight on the Utopian

The Stogie Guys say “Kinky Friedman’s Utopian cigar is easy to root for,” and we have to agree.

This month we are spotlighting the Utopian with exciting packages and sales. In the Kinky Friedman Cigars web store, you will find a never before offered (and exceptionally priced) Cigar of the Month trial pack, free shipping and special savings on full boxes, as well as Utopian gifts with purchase deals.

Featuring a Honduran wrapper, Costa Rican binder and long-leaf Honduran and Nicaraguan filler, the Utopian is a 6 inch toro with a 52 ring gauge.

A traditional corona, the Utopian is hand rolled using the classic Cuban Entubar process. One of the most labor-intensive cigar rolling methods, the Entubar technique requires skilled cigar craftsman who roll individual filler leaves to create very small “tubes” which are then bunched together. These tubes create small airflow chambers from the head to the foot of the cigar allowing for a superior draw that carries more flavors to the palate. The Entubar method is a complicated and time-consuming bunching method, and is therefore rare in large scale cigar manufacturing today.

The Utopian not only delivers superior quality, it is the only cigar in the world that helps animals! Profits from sales of the Utopian cigar benefit its namesake: Kinky’s Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch. Utopia is a nonprofit “never-kill” shelter that rescues abandoned and/or abused animals, nurtures them and places them with loving families. Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch relies on the generous support of friends and animal lovers to continue rescuing and caring for the many animals that find refuge there.

A meticulously crafted cigar that helps save animals? It’s absolute Utopia! Order yours now in the Kinky Friedman Cigars web store.

Well, it’s finally happened: Little Jewford has a Facebook page! Visit and LIKE his page to stay up-to-date and entertained. He’ll post behind-the-scenes tour reflections, memories of the original Jewboys’ days, photos, Kinky Friedman Cigars intel, and of course, Little Jewford bon mots! (look it up)

AND, as Little Jewford says “Look at me, I’m tweeting!”; Little Jewford is now a twitterista in training, follow him on Twitter.

Speaking of social media, be sure to check out and LIKE the new Kinky Friedman Facebook page. The old page (that proclaims itself to be official) was hacked into (either by a rabid fan, or someone who had nothing better to do). Either way, it’s no longer sanctioned.

Under the “now I’ve seen everything” catagory – hold on to your cowboy hats folks – there’s a Kinky Friedman Twitter page too! (Will wonders never cease?) Do yourself a favor and check it out!

Kinky Friedman Cigars is on Facebook

Kinky Friedman Cigars now has a Facebook page! Become a fan of Kinky Friedman Cigars on Facebook and keep up with the latest news, events and other cigar happenings!

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