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Welcome to the official Kinky Friedman website sponsored by Kinky Friedman Cigars. This is THE place to find all the latest information for Kinky Friedman. Keep up to date on Kinky, Little Jewford and Kinky's world by joining us on the official facebook pages - here and here.
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Kinky Friedman - Keynote King
Smack in the middle of the political high season, guess who is the most authentic and sought after keynote speaker in Texas? Here's a hint: it's not the hair guy, and it's not the no hair guy. It's the kinky hair guy. That's right, Texas' most in-demand keynote and feature speaker is none other than Kinky Friedman. With an understanding that all conventions and professional gatherings demand a great kickoff, Kinky brings with him the perfect blend of satire, political humor, hilarious insights into the human condition, and wicked social commentary. As a media darling, he also brings a very large spotlight to every event. So popular are Kinky's engagements, that many top organizations are rebooking him for future events. For more info and bookings, contact Cleve Hattersley at cleveandmary@austin.rr.com  or 512-873-8925.


Photo by George Brainard    http://www.georgebrainard.com/

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